“System.Reflection.TargetException: Non-static method requires a target.”

This can happen in a when a .Net Core subscriber is missing an appropriate call to .AddHandlersFromAssemblyContainingType in its dependency resolution configuration.

“System.InvalidOperationException: subscriber does not have a filter for message type ''"

This happens when the subscriber receives a message for an event which does have a corresponding handler. This can happen if the subscriptions filter did not match the subscriber at startup. The filter is set at startup, so no new additional messages would be added to the subscription. However, pre-existing messages stay in the subscription and need to be removed.


“Response status code does not indicate success: 409 (Conflict).”

This seems to be an intermittent issue with the Azure API’s. Try again later. This is tracked in more depth in this issue: Fails to Create New Topic